Communications of the Association for Information Systems


The information systems (IS) field has been the subject of many enquiries over the years, however, in relation to research from a critical theory perspective, such enquiries as have been reported are problematical. The field includes a small number of academics who research and engage in discourse on information systems topics from a critical theory perspective. The growth and influence of this group are the focus of this enquiry. The paper reports the results of an extensive demographic and content survey of information systems research and writing activity from a critical perspective published in leading information systems journals, conferences and specialist critical information systems forums in the period 2001–2005. Patterns and trends of critical research and of critical IS researchers and authors are identified. The findings show distinct regional and gender distributions of authors of critical papers compared with IS field norms. The paper contributes to the IS field’s development by raising awareness of critical researchers’ activities and providing an analysis of critical activity in the IS field.





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