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The content published on the Web never stops growing. It is becoming essential to efficiently manage it. Organizations are increasingly searching for more efficient and feasible ways in which to manage the content of their websites. Content Management Systems offer a solution by facilitating the creation of websites and providing content management. Many organizations are now using Management Content Systems. This increasing interest is apparent in the growing market of such systems and in the updates of existing systems. For an organization, the choice of a Content Management System is not easy, since this is a dynamic market shared among many different publishers. The offer evaluation process requires specific tools. In order to help these organizations in their choice, we have attempted to provide an analysis framework for these applications. This analysis framework designed to help organizations choose their application contributes to the evaluation of these applications. This article puts forward a Content Management software analysis framework and explains its application to a sample of 23 products. The size of this sample allows us to asses the strategic grouping of Content Management Systems. Effectively, the analysis results in the identification of two strategic groups whose main differences lay in the software characteristics and their target markets.





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