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Disaster recovery planning for organizations is fundamental and often urgent. Planning supports the firm's ability to recover the core business functionality of its software, data, and systems after the occurrence of a natural or man-made disaster. Organizations must take steps to protect their software, systems and data backups from natural disasters, power outages, and even terrorist attacks. However the issue of disaster recovery is often awash in checklists or marooned in mundane statistics. Such sterile approaches tend to lead key managers, CEOs, and CIOs to relegate disaster recovery planning to a lower priority when they become overwhelmed with planning minutiae or bored with staid presentations. This paper introduces a theatre metaphor to enable a lively discussion and deeper understanding of disaster recovery planning. Specifically, we introduce the concept of workshopping a play. We explore this new approach from the world of theatrical productions to illuminate and deepen understanding of the importance of testing, evaluation, and reworking of scenarios for each potential disaster.





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