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One of the challenges in teaching information systems analysis and design is setting up experiential learning projects in which students have an opportunity to apply and reinforce the theories and techniques they have acquired in the classroom. This note aims to shed light on this issue and to offer Appreciative Inquiry as an alternative to the prevailing problem solving lens. The Accelerated Systems Analysis and Design with Appreciative Inquiry Workshop revolves around a genuine system design project, which provides an opportunity to apply the latest systems analysis and design methodologies in a realistic setting and to gain hands-on experience in a safe learning environment. Building on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, the workshop is designed to emphasize collaborative work in the pursuit of both organizational and personal value. The workshop provides not only a framework for looking at organizations and organizational life, but also a language to communicate their dynamic complexities and interdependencies. Overall, participants gain a balanced mix of formal theory, critical thinking, and hands on experience, which prepare them for effective communication and participation in system development in organizational settings.





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