Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Recent discussion about MIS centers on its role as an academic discipline and the utility of the core IS course in undergraduate business programs. This article presents a summary of a panel discussion at the AMCIS 2003 meeting about these issues. In includes the results of a survey on what elements of the IS 2002.1 Introduction to MIS course are being used that was presented. It also presents the discussions among panel participants and the audience and the panelists emerging perspective on the topic. Some advocate a reduction in the focus on systems and technology in the core IS course. However, we believe that this view is an over-reaction to concerns about the course, and suggest (as did many before us) that systems theory is a central organizing them of the core IS course. We believe that the response by the field should not be to water down our core course, but to identify our contribution and highlight it. To this end, we offer a concise statement of what we believe is the heart of the core IS course.





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