Communications of the Association for Information Systems


This paper presents an extended discussion of issues associated with the role of information privacy in IS research. This discussion was initiated in conjunction with a panel session at ICIS 2002. Following the conference, each of the panelists reworked and extended their position statements, and provided a commentary on the position statements of the other panelists. The paper is framed with head and tail pieces written by the panel chair. The result is a (unique and provocative) blend of opinion and commentary on a topic that is of importance to IS research in the globally networked society in which we all live. IS researchers will find research questions, research conundrums, and research advice in equal measure.


In May 2013, significant revisions were made to this paper, on pp. 356-359. The original version included an extensive segment of text from the book, The Forest and the Trees: Sociology as Life, Practice, and Promise, by Prof. Allan Johnson, and it failed to make clear which parts of the text were original and which were from Johnson. This version corrects that error, by substituting text that makes use of Johnson's ideas rather than his text directly, but retains a particularly significant quotation. The authors have apologized to the Editor of CAIS and to Prof. Johnson for the inappropriate use of the segment of text.





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