AMCIS 2024, hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah, aims to address the pressing challenges surrounding digital equity and social entrepreneurship. In an increasingly interconnected world, the issue of digital equity remains a critical concern, with significant disparities in access to technology and digital resources, particularly in marginalized communities. Ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals to participate in the digital age becomes crucial to foster inclusive growth and social progress. Additionally, as we delve into the realm of social entrepreneurship, we confront the complexities of creating sustainable business models that prioritize social impact, aiming to effect positive change in local and global communities. By acknowledging these challenges and collectively exploring solutions, this conference seeks to pave the way for a more equitable and socially conscious digital future.

Conference Chairs
Michelle Carter, Ph.D., University of Manchester
Kelly Fadel, Ph.D., Utah State University
Thomas Meservy, Ph.D., Brigham Young University

Program Chairs
Deborah Armstrong, Ph.D., Florida State University
Amit Deokar, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Lowell
Matthew Jensen, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Browse the contents of AMCIS 2024 Proceedings:

Accounting Information Systems (SIG ASYS)
Adoption and Diffusion of IT (SIG ADIT)
Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Applications (SIG AIAA)
Changing Nature of Work with ICT (SIG CNOW)
Cognitive Research in IS (SIG CORE)
Conf Theme Track: Elevating Life thru Digital Social Entrepreneurship (ELEVLIFE)
Cybersecurity, Privacy & Ethics (SIG SEC)
Data Ecosystems in Information Systems (DATAECO)
Date Science and Analytics for Decision Support (SIG DSA)
Digital Capability and Organizational Agility (SIG AGILE)
Digital Culture (SIG Culture)
Digital Innovation, Transformation, and Entrepreneurship (SIG DITE)
Digital Transformation and IS (SIG OSRA)
Digital Transformation and Philosophical Approaches (SIG PHIL)
Enterprise Level IS (SIG EntSys)
Future of Work in a Digital World (FOW)
Global, International and Cross Cultural Research in IS (SIG CCRIS)
Green IS and Sustainability (SIG Green)
Healthcare Informatics and Health IT (SIG HEALTH)
Human-Computer Interaction (SIG HCI)
ICT and Global Develop (SIG GLOBDEV)
Inclusive and Sustainability Service Systems (SIG SVC)
IS in Educ, IS Curriculum, and Teaching Cases (SIG ED)
IS Leadership and IT Profession (SIG LEAD)
IT Project Management (SIG ITProjMgmt)
Social Computing (SOCCOMP)
Social Inclusion and Socio-Technical Issues (SIG SI)
Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin America (LACAIS)
Strategic & Competitive Uses of Info and Digital Tech (SCUIDT)
Virtual Communities and Collaboration (VCC)