AIS Transactions on Replication Research


Individuals’ concern for information privacy (CFIP) impacts beliefs, intentions, and behaviors in a variety of contexts, including consumer electronic commerce. Most empirical studies on the impact of CFIP on electronic commerce have been conducted using consumers in the United States. Despite China’s growing economy and increasing importance in the global economy, to date, there has been no empirical study of CFIP’s impact on Chinese consumers’ willingness to engage in transactions online. The purpose of this study is to test a widely-referenced model of CFIP’s role in consumer e-commerce in the context of China. We conducted surveys of Chinese consumers’ willingness to engage in transactions with two online merchants, a familiar merchant (Taobao) and a less-familiar merchant (Amazon). For both merchants, CFIP had only mediated impacts on consumers’ willingness to transact with online merchants. While there were similarities between our results and those reported in the original study, there were also differences. Our findings provide a number of contributions for research and practice.





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