AIS Transactions on Replication Research

About This Journal

About TRR

TRR was launched in 2014. Its mission is to publish reports of Information Systems replication studies that have been published in other journals until scientific consensus is reached. All topics in IS are open for consideration. Articles will either support the findings of the original article or provide results that do not support the original article (e.g., nonsignificant). Either outcome will advance science. If the original article results are replicated, then the replication provides external third-party validation of the results and a generalization of the original contribution. If the new article fails to replicate the original results, this doesn’t mean the original results are “wrong”; just that they don’t generalize to the new context, which should trigger additional replications and new follow-on research in other journals that seek to understand in what contexts the theory applies and why the original findings are only generalizable to those contexts.

The language for the journal is English. The audience includes international scholars and practitioners who conduct research on issues related to the objectives of the journal. The publication frequency is continuous where articles are published as they are accepted.

We are a signatory of the Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) guidelines of the Center for Open Science (COS).

Electronic Publication

Like JAIS and CAIS, TRR is delivered electronically. There is no paper copy. The entire process from submission, review, revision, final proof, to publication is electronic. To expedite the review process for fast turnaround and to facilitate fast publication, authors are required to adhere to the submission and publication guidelines in terms of software and text formats. We also provide Style Templates to ease authors’ work in preparing manuscripts.