AIS Transactions on Replication Research


This study is a methodological replication of Choi et al.'s (2010) study that examines individuals’ perceptions of team interaction for knowledge sharing and application to accomplish team goals. Choi et al. (2010) explain the impact of information technologies (IT) on the development of transactive memory systems on the promotion of knowledge management practices and, consequently, on team performance. The original study reveals that knowledge sharing does not have a direct impact on team performance. The current study methodologically replicates Choi et al.’s (2010) research in the context of IT project teams. Two identified potential differentiating contexts are (1) the contemporary IT capable of supporting knowledge management practices may have evolved into more sophisticated technologies compared to those that existed during the time the original study was conducted, and (2) the sample of individuals in this study specifically worked with IT project teams instead of more generic knowledge-based teams in an organization. In this replication study, we examined whether the hypotheses still hold at the individual level of analysis. Scrutinizing knowledge processes while accounting for the above-mentioned differences may help us understand better IT project team performance, and consequently, increase the likelihood of IT project success.





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