AIS Transactions on Replication Research


The current study is a conceptual replication of Malhotra, Kim, and Agarwal’s (2004) nomological model of internet user information privacy concerns (IUIPC). We empirically tested the same hypotheses and use conceptually similar (but not exact) measures and analyses. In addition, while the original study explored privacy concerns from a customer perspective within an e-commerce context, this replication explored privacy concerns from a participant perspective within a social networking context. By this, we test the boundaries of the original theory and the strength of the relationships. The findings from this replication study were partially consistent with the original study. Specifically, the relationship between IUIPC and risk beliefs was supported, and the relationship between trusting beliefs and behavioral intention (i.e., revelation of private information) was supported. Consistent with the original study, this study found that sensitive information significantly decreased participants’ intention to reveal private information. However, several other significant relationships in the original study were found non-significant in the context of this replication study. Future research is impacted by this study as we found that not all online information privacy concerns are created equal.





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