AIS Transactions on Replication Research


Dealing with rapid changes in technology within and outside of their company is a constant challenge for IT managers. About two decades ago, a series of studies and in particular Benamati & Lederer (2001) showed that a range of coping strategies to deal with such rapid changes exists. These coping strategies range from the use of external support by consultants or vendors, or IT education and training to keep up with the demands of new technologies, to simply enduring change and trying to weather technological trends in the belief that they may not have a substantial impact on the company's business. We argue that the current trend towards digital transformation further accelerates technological change in many companies. In this study, we therefore present a conceptual replication of the original series of studies on coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with the challenges of rapid technological change. Our findings indicate that the variety of coping strategies and mechanisms employed by IT managers has become more diverse. In particular, we find that today IT managers try to prepare their companies more proactively for technological change by providing the necessary resources and by creating an appropriate organizational environment, rather than by relying on external support by consultants or vendors, or even by simply ignoring technological developments altogether.





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