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To expand the understanding of privacy concerns in the digital sphere, this paper makes use of the Internet Users’ Information Privacy Concerns (IUIPC) model by Malhotra et al. (2004). The lack of empirical studies conducted in East-Asian societies makes it difficult, if not impossible, to shed light on multi-cultural differences in information privacy concerns of internet users. Therefore, we collected data of more than 9,000 Japanese respondents to conduct a conceptual replication of the IUIPC model. For our research goal, we re-assess the validity and reliability of the IUIPC model for Japan and compare the results with internet users' privacy concerns in the USA. Our results indicate that the second-order IUIPC construct, measured reflectively through the constructs awareness, collection, and control, is reliable and valid. Furthermore, three out of the five structural paths of the IUIPC model were confirmed for our Japanese sample. In contrast to the original study, the impact of IUIPC on trusting beliefs, as well as that of trusting beliefs on risk beliefs was negligible. Statistically significant differences in the IUIPC could only be found for the covariate gender.




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