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This paper provides data used to analyze the methodological replication of Menard et al. (2017) by Yang et al. (2020). The replication paper studied organizational users’ intentions to install password management software when they faced different appeals/persuasive messages. There were three different types of appeals based on Protection Motivation Theory, Self-Determination Theory, and the integrated model of the two. We provide the description here to meet the open data standards. Our dataset contained three separate files. PMT_CLEAN file was on PMT appeal; SDT_CLEAN file was on SDT appeals; INTEGRATED_CLEAN file was on the integrated appeals. The PMT appeal contained 157 observations; the SDT appeal contained 156 observations; the integrated appeal contained 153 observations. There is a total of 466 observations, which includes the following constructs: behavioral intention to install password manager software, response performance motivation, threat severity, threat susceptibility, response efficacy, self-efficacy, response cost, autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Control variables include gender, ethnicity, age, employee status, educational background, occupation, and computing experience.



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