AIS Transactions on Replication Research


The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and later versions (such as the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT)) are among the best-known theories in the academic information systems (IS) field. The explanatory ability of TAM and related theories has been tested in various contexts, including national culture. The purpose of this study was to conduct a methodological replication of one of the most widely cited MIS Quarterly papers on TAM and national culture, by Srite and Karahanna (2006). Two differences in the original study and our replication were the sample (consisting of students in a U.S. university in the original vs. students in one U.S. and one Chinese university in the replication) and the technology object (personal computers and digital personal assistants in the original vs. virtual reality in the replication). We were not able to replicate the findings of the original study. Use of the original measurement scales resulted in different outcomes in the replication, and none of the hypotheses supported in the original work were supported in the replication. We report here on our data collection, methods, results, and findings.





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