AIS Transactions on Replication Research


The purpose of this conceptual replication study is to understand the resistance construct of the User Resistance Model (URM) in the context of Health Information Technology (HIT) at an international healthcare organization. Specifically, we studied resistance towards Electronic Health Record systems (EHR). For this, the original scale items were adapted to the new context, and the model was tested with the data collected from 226 employees who work with an EHR system at a large public hospital in Amman, Jordan. Overall, the results support six of the eleven posited hypotheses. One hypothesis was contradicted, and the remaining four hypotheses were not supported. Moreover, the model fit statistics suggested that the current URM does not have a good fit. This indicates that the URM in the new context needs further investigation. We first discuss the hypotheses that are not supported or contradicted and then begin to suggest refinements to the model in an effort to improve its fit.




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