AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction


Sustainability reports provide stakeholders with information about a company’s efforts to balance its economic, ecological and social goals. Because of their influence on a company’s image as well as on the customers’ buying and shareholders’ investment decisions, sustainability reports are an integral part of today’s corporate online communication.

Following a design science research approach, this paper describes the design, prototypical implementation and evaluation of augmented sustainability reports. In contrast to traditional PDF- or print media-based sustainability reports, augmented sustainability reports contain multimedia contextual information that is displayed depending on the user’s gaze position. In our prototype the gaze position is simulated using mouse tracking. The comparative evaluation of the prototype was conducted via a quantitative questionnaire based on the technology acceptance model (TAM). Additionally, qualitative feedback was gathered during the course of the evaluation. Traditional and augmented sustainability reports were compared on the basis of the questionnaire results which reveal room for improvement of the prototype as well as possible starting points for future research.

Overall, the evaluation results indicate that our test users had a strong preference for the augmented sustainability report compared to the PDF-based report even though both alternatives had identical content.



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