AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction


This commentary will not predict future directions of HCI, or impose a research agenda. Rather, I will reason general advice regarding the four main tenets of HCI in hopes of providing guidance for future research. Mindful that interaction is the ultimate phenomenon of interest to HCI; I assert that scholars should situate their work within the tenets in such a way as to address both design and use/impact (with one or both being emphasized). To assist toward this end, I provide a diagram and accompanying examples from the literature. I also address the importance of design as a component that distinguishes HCI from IS, drawing on more examples from the literature. This commentary is intended to serve academics by providing a clear framework in which to think about and compose their work going forward. I also encourage readers to challenge the model and examples I present here. At the most, this will spark a productive debate about the nature of HCI research in IS; while at the least, it will help the reader solidify an understanding of how to define HCI and conduct appropriate research.



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