AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction


Eye-trackers provide continuous information on individuals’ gaze behavior. Due to the increasing popularity of eye- tracking in the information systems (IS) field, we reviewed how past research has used eye-tracking to inform future research. Accordingly, we conducted a literature review to describe the use of eye-tracking in IS research based on a sample of 113 empirical papers published since 2008 in IS journals and conference proceedings. Specifically, we examined the methodologies and experimental settings used in eye-tracking IS research and how eye-tracking can be used to inform the IS field. We found that IS research that used eye-tracking varies in its methodological and theoretical complexity. Research on pattern analysis shows promise since such research develops a broader range of analysis methodologies. The potential of eye-tracking remains unfulfilled in the IS field since past research has mostly focused on attention-related constructs and used fixation count metrics on desktop computers. We call for researchers to utilize eye-tracking more broadly in IS research by extending the type of metrics they use, the analyses they perform, and the constructs they investigate.





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