AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction


As digital technology use becomes widespread, its unintended consequences ranging from personal health to societal righteousness are under more scrutiny. Increasingly, digital designers are accused of not being considerate enough of the depth of their creations, and their impacts on our well-being. In this special issue, we explore an alternative, genuinely human-centered approach to technology design focusing on well-being and making our interactions with digital technology more meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable. To this end, the editorial starts with a brief review of the history of research that led to the growing field of digital well-being. We then introduce the Digital Well-being Design Framework, which goes beyond the ego-centric approach in human-centered design, and is multi-layered with self (intrapersonal), social (interpersonal), and transcendent (extra-personal) levels. Similar topics in related AIS journals are summarized, followed by the application of our framework to introduce and position the papers in this special issue. Our special issue aims to bring the topic of digital well-being to the forefront of the information systems research community and launch a new era of genuinely human-centered design.





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