AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction


Decision aids have enjoyed extensive use in various domains. While decision aid research and practice have largely focused on making these aids more functional and utilitarian, we propose that one should also purposefully design them as effective interaction partners, especially when one deploys them in contexts that require a “human touch”, such as finance or healthcare. In this paper, we report on the results from an experiment we conducted on the effects that designing caring and informative decision aids have on how users evaluate them and, subsequently, their satisfaction with them. Our results show that using explanations and expressive speech acts can enhance the extent to which users perceive decision aids as informative and caring. These strengthened beliefs subsequently enhance the extent to which users view decision aids as competent and as having integrity and improve the interaction atmosphere, which, in turn, increases users’ satisfaction with their overall interaction with the decision aid. We discuss the study’s contributions to theory and practice.





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