AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction


In this editorial, we introduce the special issue on design science research in human-computer interaction with four papers extended from the 2020 European Conference on Information Systems and propose a conceptual model for such research projects. Research in the interdisciplinary human-computer interaction (HCI) discipline advances knowledge of how humans interact with technologies, systems, information, and work structures. Design science research (DSR) methods support three distinct modes in HCI projects. In the interior mode, researchers build and evaluate novel technical solutions with a focus on improved system interfaces to support effective human use. Next, in the exterior mode, researchers build and evaluate novel behavioral solutions with a process focus on interactions that increase human capabilities. Lastly, in the gestalt mode, researchers build and evaluate novel composite solutions that improve synergies between technologies and human behaviors. We pose a comprehensive model for identifying the DSR modes of HCI research with related artifacts, evaluation techniques, design theories, and research impacts.





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