AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing every aspect of our society—including amplifying our biases. Fairness, trust and ethics are at the core of many of the issues underlying the implications of AI. Despite this, research on AI with relation to fairness, trust and ethics in the information systems (IS) field is still scarce. This panel brought together academia, business and government perspectives to discuss the challenges and identify potential solutions to address such challenges. This panel report presents eight themes based around the discussion of two questions: (1) What are the biggest challenges to designing, implementing and deploying fair, ethical and trustworthy AI?; and (2) What are the biggest challenges to policy and governance for fair, ethical and trustworthy AI? The eight themes are: (1) identifying AI biases; (2) drawing attention to AI biases; (3) addressing AI biases; (4) designing transparent and explainable AI; (5) AI fairness, trust, ethics: old wine in a new bottle?; (6) AI accountability; (7) AI laws, policies, regulations and standards; and (8) frameworks for fair, ethical and trustworthy AI. Based on the results of the panel discussion, we present research questions for each theme to guide future research in the area of human–computer interaction.





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