AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction


In this paper, we explore how emerging technologies and experiences challenge previous theories and practices to grow and adopt and, thus, address new and unique challenges, such as designing across macro-level ecosystems, new devices, and interaction models that enable user control of data in an increasingly complex digital world. We discuss these topics with respect to real and future examples, the unique challenges they present, and how academia and industry must collaborate to adapt current frameworks and develop new methods to address these challenges. This partnership will ensure both parties better understand the problem space for designing emerging experiences in today's digital economy. Further, this partnership enables scholars and practitioners to more effectively explore the solution space for designing novel products and developing advanced theories that help craft meaningful user experiences. Finally, we argue that the partnership between academia and industry can develop future talent and upskill current practitioners, which is paramount in successfully meeting the challenges inherent in the design of emerging technologies.





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