AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction


Social product development (SPD) is a network-based innovation model in which firms or platforms use social mechanisms and social technologies to mobilize organizationally independent individuals––co-creators––to co-create new products. SPD networks require the maintenance of external participation across the innovation cycle to survive competition and thrive in the innovation sector. While prior research suggests that the viability, survivability, and productivity of social networks generally depend on user experience, we have limited evidence on the particular role of user experience in the context of SPD networks. Responding to this need, we introduce a conceptual model to theorize and operationalize co-creation experience in SPD networks. Through validating the proposed model, we demonstrate why co-creation experience is critical for predicting co-creators’ behavioral intentions and maintaining their actual contribution. Finally, we explore the theoretical and practical implications of the results. Future studies can leverage the findings to better capture co-creation experience and contribute to designing successful SPD networks.





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