Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems


Background: Over the past decade, crowdsourcing marketplaces — online exchange platforms which facilitate commercial outsourcing of services — have witnessed a dramatic growth in the number of participants (service providers and customers) and the value of outsourced services. Deciding about the most appropriate provider is a key challenge for customers in crowdsourcing marketplaces because available information about providers may be incomplete and sometimes irrelevant for customer decisions. Ineffective information impedes many service providers to develop long-term relationships with customers, obtain projects on a regular basis and survive on crowdsourcing marketplaces. Previous studies have investigated the impact of a range of factors on customers’ choice decisions and providers’ success, given the important role of customer–provider relationship development for long-term success on crowdsourcing marketplaces.

Method: This paper reviews the literature of crowdsourcing marketplaces with the aim of developing a comprehensive list of factors that influence customers’ choice decisions and providers’ success.

Results: We found 31 conceptually distinct profile information components/factors that determine customers’ choices and providers’ business outcomes on crowdsourcing marketplaces.

Conclusion: We classified these 31 factors into five major categories: 1) prior relationship between a customer and a provider or a customer’s invitation, 2) providers’ bidding behavior, 3) crowdsourcing marketplace or auction characteristics, 4) providers’ profile information, and 5) customer characteristics. The main factors in each category, associated considerations, related literature gaps and avenues for future research are discussed in detail.