The combination of e-commerce and livestreaming video (e-commerce livestreaming) offers an unprecedented opportunity for streamers (salespeople) to show their emotional displays to viewers (consumers) in real-time. However, it remains unclear how and to what extent streamer emotion influences purchase intentions, especially in the context of different product types where consumers have different decision-making considerations. Based on the stereotype content model, which considers two basic dimensions of social judgments (i.e., warmth and competence), this study intends to explore the impact of the interaction effect of streamer emotion (happiness vs. neutrality) and product type (utilitarian vs. hedonic product) on consumers’ purchase intentions and behaviors. Both laboratory experiment and secondary data analysis will be conducted to test our hypotheses. We hope this study can not only extend the livestreaming and emotion-related literature but also provide suggestions on emotional expressions for streamers in their marketing campaigns.


Paper Number 1285; Track E-Business; Short Paper



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