This study explores the issue of building streamers’ personal brands from the brand resonance pyramid model. Brand loyalty brings benefits and lower viewers’ wrong purchase decisions. Factors related to the context, streamers, and the community shape brand awareness and differentiate streamers’ uniqueness. The uniqueness presented by streamers’ credibility and the perceived value of live streamers’ programs deepens viewers’ emotional attachment toward the streamers. The close emotional attachment raises viewers’ loyalty and then induces viewers to purchase the recommended products. Results from analyzing 1082 valid returned data collected by an online survey show the significant path from brand awareness, differentiation, emotional attachment, and loyalty to purchase intention. The atmospherics, streamer attractiveness, streamer admiration, and vicarious experience learning promote viewers’ perceived credibility and distinct part of perceived value and then cultivate emotional attachment. The chained effects of emotional attachment, loyalty, and purchase intention are significant. Theoretical and managerial implications are also listed.


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