PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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As internet technology increases worldwide, its associated dangers to human behavior also increase. Therefore, understanding the roles that the age and gender of young adults play in online cybersecurity behavior (CSB) is crucial. This study aimed to examine the differences in CSB of young adults across genders and ages by implementing a socio-behavioral perspective and using the theory of planned behavior (TPB). An online questionnaire was used to collect data from a random sample of 1581 young adults studying at higher education facilities in Saudi Arabia and analysed using least-squares partial structural equation modelling (SEM). Results suggest that young men may practice better online CSB than females. Additionally, a direct relationship exists between the increasing age of young adults and good CSB practices. These findings offer an in-depth understanding of young adults’ behaviors and motivations online, which may be used to help design appropriate interventions to reduce cybersecurity threats.


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