Journal of Information Systems Education


While the proliferation of computer-aided systems engineering (CASE) tools in the professional world mandates their exposure to information systems (IS) students, many IS faculty may be reluctant to introduce CASE due to the seeming paradox of learning a CASE tool before acquiring a thorough knowledge of a systems development methodology. Unfortunately, an unproven tenet of CASE implementation is that a thorough knowledge of a systems development methodology is necessary before attempting to use CASE. By adhering to this tenet we may be precluding students from using CASE technology in their infonnation systems curricula. Researchers in the field of education, however, view technology as a useful tool in learning. Studies in computer-aided instruction indicate that the feedback provided by software can be especially useful during the learning process. By applying what is known about computer feedback to CASE tools it may be possible to use CASE as a tool for learning a systems development methodology as well as producing quality systems.



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