Journal of Information Systems Education


A comprehensive, 4-year continuing education programme in Information Systems Management was recently implemented at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. A central course in the programme deals with Information Resource Management. This course, developed and delivered by the author, is taught to DP professionals (usually analysts/programmers) and based not on a text book, but on a large number of relevant IS journal articles. To assist a student in synthesizing the material, a lengthy study guide is provided for each class. Also, summaries of sections from different text books are handed out as supplementary notes. Weekly summary questions emphasize points important to retain. Relevant audio and video tapes are also used in the classes. Group discussions of IS management cases provide yet another mode of learning. Students also participate by relating noteworthy incidents from their place of employment. In addition, each student is required to submit a term paper (project), usually on a topic of immediate career relevance. A definite amount of time is set aside for pfrsonnel and psychological issues including career planning, stress management, motivation, and the concept of "social software". The broad topic spectrum, variety of course components, and a person-oriented teaching philosophy have given many students a substantial and invigorating opportunity for professional development.



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