Journal of Information Systems Education


With the latest developments in information technology, nonlinear organization and management of information has become easier and more costeffective. This has facilitated the development of nonlinear instruction environments. The potential of such environments is increasingly recognized by many researchers. In this research, we examine the potential of a particular nonlinear environment: hypercourseware. More specifically, this article describes the development of a hypercourseware for an introductory MIS course and discusses the results of an empirical study designed to examine why and when the usage of such a system can enhance student performance. Both observed and perceived effects of the system are examined. The hypercourseware improves significantly student learning as measured by the peiformance of students in exams. Its effect is more significant when it is used in the initial stages of learning to enhance concept formation and understanding. These results are also supported by student perceptions. The hypercourseware is perceived by the students as more efficient and more enjoyable than a strictly linear environment. Furthermore, most students used the system in the initial stages of learning to understand and form new concepts, then relied on lecture notes to review already learned concepts.



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