Journal of Information Systems Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the motivations for graduate study in information systems and to assess the importance of developing managerial competencies, technical competencies, and management of information systems skills as a part of a graduate program. A sample of MIS professionals and a sample of functional area managers [were] selected for the study. The findings showed that both the MIS professionals and functional area managers are interested in managerial competencies. In terms of managerial skills, the top-ranked competency was “managing and motivating personnel.” The MIS professionals also emphasized the importance of “project budgeting and controls.” Both the MIS professionals and the functional area managers agreed that knowledge of “information systems design” was the most important technical competency. In terms of competencies associated with the management of MIS, the top-ranked item was “strategic management,” or the process of identifying information technology plans which support organizational plans. The market research study has led to the development of an MIS specialization within the MBA degree in response to the growing interest of functional area managers. The MIS and Computer Science faculties have also developed a joint Master of Science in Computing and Information Systems to provide a comprehensive graduate program with areas of technical and managerial emphasis.



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