Journal of Information Systems Education


Agile system development approaches, such as Scrum, have become popular with a wide spectrum of organizations from start-ups to government agencies. Recruiters and executives have been seeking graduates with Scrum competency beyond cursory familiarity. CIS programs responded with a variety of activities and exercises to address this need. This teaching tip demonstrates a hands-on active-learning experience designed to advance students’ understanding of Scrum values, roles, artifacts, and events; to build confidence of using it in practice; to expose students to the experience of using versatile software as a service (SaaS) tools for project management; to enable students’ greater agency via self-forming teams and ability to control their workload; and to stimulate interest in Scrum and encourage students to seek professional certifications. The activity may be applied within a constrained time frame of a conventional systems analysis and design (SAD) or project management (PM) course and fits in the niche between a single-class activity and a semester project. Our evidence suggests that this learning experience achieves its pedagogical objectives, is effective in both face-to-face and synchronous online courses, and results in vastly positive student response.



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