Journal of Information Systems Education


The academic world has experienced rapid growth in the adoption of social media that can constructively complement traditional education and even replace it in distance/online learning. Social media is used in many institutions for educational purposes in numerous innovative ways, even to the extent of being utilized in traditional face-to-face classrooms. A wealth of academic research has been published related to social media in education. The purpose of this special issue is to highlight research studies of social media in computing education, with the aim to discuss research findings, share good practices and practical experiences, and address the challenges of using social media in computing education. The special issue focuses on how social media in computing education is being used to transform teaching and learning practices in various educational contexts and settings. Additionally, the special issue covers a wide range of aspects related to the use of social media in computing education, such as the adoption of social media in instructional activities, the applicability of different social media tools in computing education, pedagogical frameworks, theoretical approaches, managerial perspectives, and possible ethical issues. An overview of the special issue papers is presented, exemplifying the importance of social media from a computing education perspective in a diverse educational context.



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