Journal of Information Systems Education


Given the ubiquity of interfaces on computing devices, it is essential for future Information Systems (IS) professionals to understand the ramifications of good user interface (UI) design. This article provides instructions on how to efficiently and effectively teach IS students about “fit,” a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) concept, through a paper prototyping activity. Although easy to explain, the concept of “fit” can be difficult to understand without repeated practice. Practically, designing “fit” into UIs can be cost-prohibitive because working prototypes are often beyond students’ technical skillset. Accordingly, based on principles of active learning, we show how to use paper prototyping to demonstrate “fit” in a hands-on class exercise. We provide detailed step-by-step instructions to plan, setup, and present the exercise to guide students through the process of “fit” in UI design. As a result of this activity, students are better able to employ both theoretical and practical applications of “fit” in UI design and implementation. This exercise is applicable in any course that includes UI design, such as principles of HCI, systems analysis and design, software engineering, and project management.



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