Journal of Information Systems Education


It is a challenge for business students or even employees to understand business processes and enterprise software usage without involvement in real-world practices. Many business schools are using ERP software in their curriculum, aiming to expose students to real-world business practices. ERPsim is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) teaching-learning tool for business students to learn actual SAP and business processes. This study empirically examines how ERPsim enhances student learning outcomes in an IS course. The findings reveal the antecedent effects of two important IS constructs (enjoyment and cognitive appraisal) on learning behavior and learning outcomes during students’ involvement with ERPsim. The study provides empirical evidence that some major IS constructs (i.e., enjoyment and cognitive appraisal of using information systems) play important roles in shaping the effectiveness of using simulation game software to learn business processes and ERP software.



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