Journal of Information Systems Education


Practitioners find it difficult to allocate grades to individual students based on their contributions to the team project. They often use classroom observation of teamwork and student peer evaluations to differentiate an individual’s grade from the group’s grade, which can be subjective and imprecise. We used objective data from student activity logs from our Learning Management System (LMS) as well as peer evaluations from the Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness’ website (CATME.org) to determine impacts on team grades and peer evaluations. We found that student activity in our LMS and conflict scores from peer evaluations (CATME) do correlate with grades, as do GPAs and credits earned at the College. We also found that, while the class was in session, we could use the data from the LMS and CATME scores to intervene with those teams that were experiencing conflict to help them learn productive conflict-resolution skills.



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