Journal of Information Systems Education


Over the years, the news media has reported numerous information security incidents. Because of identity theft, terrorism, and other criminal activities, President Obama has made information security a national priority. Not only is information security and assurance an American priority, it is also a global issue. This paper discusses the importance of Global Information Security and Assurance in information systems (IS) education. Current university graduates will become tomorrow’s users and protectors of data and systems. It is important for universities to provide training in security and assurance of information systems. Are students getting adequate education in this area? If not, this leaves them ill-prepared for the needs of the workplace. The security of our information systems needs to be a major concern for educators and corporate leaders. We recommend that instruction in security and assurance be a core component of the curriculum for all IS and business students. The purpose of this special issue is to provide insights, ideas, and practical tips from IS educators and professionals. Along with the academic papers in this issue, a new section was added, advisory from professionals. Just as a university information systems department has an advisory board of professionals, this new section provides an advisory to academics; professionals provide insights into the corporate world and they need.



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