Journal of Information Systems Education


The sophistication of the integrated world of work and increased recognition of business processes as critical corporate assets require graduates to develop ‘process orientation’ and an ‘integrated view’ of business. Responding to these dynamic changes in business organizations, business schools are also continuing to modify their curriculum and introducing innovative teaching and learning strategies. An ERP business simulation game is one such initiative that helps in understanding business processes and enterprise integration and develops process orientation among business graduates. This paper reports on a study investigating the influence of ERP simulation game on learning effectiveness, skills development and decision making. Its impact as a teaching and learning tool on the students’ ability to develop an integrated view of business is assessed and their generic attitudes towards the learning of SAP analysed. The results reveal the significant impact this game had on students’ abilities and points out the challenges in the process and pedagogy. The study found that the game contributed to deep learning in addition to resulting in significant improvement in their process orientation and integrative skills. The study, based on feedback from participants and the experience of academics, recommends further improvements to the deployment and curriculum design of the game.



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