Journal of Information Systems Education


This paper describes a framework we have developed for teaching enterprise decision-making using Enterprise Decision-Making Modules linked together through a common case scenario. Each module is situated in an organizational process, e.g., the supply chain and order fulfillment process, and involves students in hands-on decision-making using an Enterprise System (ES) to provide an integrated, process-oriented, data-rich environment typical of modern organizations. Our framework differs from other approaches to integrating ES into curricula because it is designed to teach students to work in an integrated process-oriented environment without changing to an integrated process-oriented curriculum and because it introduces decision-making modules across management and engineering curricula while minimizing the ES knowledge required of faculty and the classroom time devoted to ES skills. The paper also describes our Oracle-based technical infrastructure, the project plan and management, as well as our methods for assessing student learning. It reports results from our successful pilot study testing the feasibility of this approach with two decision-making modules in two classes, and also describes Phase 2 of the project, currently underway, which involves additional faculty and modules and tests student understanding of working in an integrated, data-rich environment.



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