Journal of Information Systems Education


Due to the popularity of E-business applications, Web-based database application development has become an important topic in the information systems curriculum. There is a need to explore ways to teach such a topic effectively. This paper presents a teaching case on the development of an e-business application for Fortune Invest Inc. using Java server technology with Java Database Connectivity to Oracle databases. The teaching case has the following features: 1) complete coverage of the fundamentals of e-business application development. 2) systematic integration of the knowledge in database design, implementation, programming languages, networking, Web development and system analysis. 3) script execution independent of any platforms. 4) accessible web sites on the Internet with sample code provided. The teaching case was tested in upper division CIS courses in three academic quarters during the past two years at California State University, Los Angeles. The teaching approach emphasizes learning by doing in order to motivate the student and to produce an effective learning outcome. The paper is accompanied by comprehensive teaching notes as well as executable programming scripts.



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