Journal of Information Systems Education


The paper describes a system development simulation in which failure and escalation are introduced to Information System students. The simulation forms part of a learning methodology that guides the students through the failure and escalating experience and learning from that experience. The learning methodology described and further developed in this paper is the eclectic combination of various aspects of Problem based learning, Interactive multimedia, Experiential learning and Role playing. The learning methodology is called PIER (an acronym for Problem based learning, Interactive learning, Experiential learning and Role play). The methodology places emphasis on genuine interaction and uses interactive multimedia simulation to support group discussions and interaction. Different events are used to simulate real life occurrences that will lead to escalation and ultimately to failure. The paper discusses results of questionnaires and observation from a practical experience of using the methodology and simulation in teaching escalation and failure. We end the paper with the conclusion that the interactive learning approach presented in this paper has potential in rejuvenating parts of information systems education.



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