Journal of Information Systems Education


Internet addiction is a contemporary problem brought about by easy access to computers and online information. Individuals addicted to the Internet can develop many types of disorders. In extreme cases, persons addicted to the Internet may be destructive to themselves, their families, and their place of employment. Corporate executives need to have a better understanding of Internet addiction because employees with Internet addiction can be highly counter-productive as well as cause other legal problems. This study examines research trends in the area of Internet addiction and provides management implications for policy development and planning. Specifically, this study identifies the leading researchers, institutions, specialization, and information dissemination outlets for Internet addiction research in the last quarter of the 20th Century to the present. This study should be of interest to educators at academic institutions, students interested in institutions offering Internet addiction courses and programs, and researchers specializing in online addiction studies. Clinical psychologists, behavioral counselors, psychiatrists, clergy, and addiction therapists will find the results of this study useful. In particular, corporate attorneys dealing with addiction cases, human resource specialists seeking rehabilitation facilities for addicted employees, health related policy makers, computing consultants, and risk assessors of insurance companies will find the results of this study to be valuable.



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