About ISD

The International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD) is dedicated to IS development and complements the international network of general IS conferences. ISD evolved from the first Polish-Scandinavian Seminar on Current Trends in Information Systems Development Methodologies, held in Gdansk, Poland in 1988. Since 1997 it has been held as an annual international conference and is now a highly regarded specialist IS conference.

The development of information systems has paralleled technological developments and the deployment of those technologies in all areas of society, including government, industry, community and in the home. As a practice‑based discipline, ISD has always promoted a close interaction between theory and practice that has set an agenda focused on the integration of people, processes and technology within a specific context.

International Steering Committee

Chris Barry, National University of Ireland, Galway
Michael Lang, National University of Ireland, Galway
Henry Linger, Monash University
Christoph Schneider, IESE Business School

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