ECIS 2020 Research Papers


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Organizations are testing the potential of blockchain technology in different areas, bringing implications to record-keeping and the associated business processes, namely audits. Permissioned, private blockchain frameworks can contribute to the processes behind audits by (i) alleviating auditor’s work, (ii) hindering fraud and collusion between organizations and auditors, (iii) promote synergies between organizations and their stakeholders, and (iv) protecting access to sensitive information. This paper studies the use of blockchain technology as an enhancer of secure, distributed, and more automatized audits. The proposed solution uses a permissioned, consortium, blockchain to store audit logs. The blockchain is then leveraged to perform distributed and automatic audits over the recorded logs, aiming to reduce costs associated with audits. In particular, the solution is based on a 4-layer architecture: data acquisition, data transfer, data audit, and data analysis & storage layers. The evaluation shows that the proposed solution is secure and can save and analyse up to around 30 audit log entries per second.



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