ECIS 2020 Research Papers


Decentralized platform-based business models (DPBMs) promise to provide an alternative to extant centralized platform-based business models, such as those of Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb. In particular, DPBMs are expected to connect platform users directly, without the need for an intermediary, leading to a fairer distribution of value creation and capture. While IS researchers have so far been primarily concerned with the governance and design issues of DPBMs, as well as factors influencing their acceptance, there exist only limited insights on what actually comprises a DPBM. Aiming to close this research gap, this paper is dedicated to answering the question of how DPBMs can be characterized. Applying a three-stage research plan, consisting of two successively conducted literature reviews and subsequent case study analysis, we derive a taxonomy that provides insights into DPBMs’ key dimensions, characteristics, and attributes. Notably, we are the first to develop a DPBM taxonomy that could assist IS researchers in assessing and differentiating DPBMs from traditional, centralized platform-based business models. The DPBM taxonomy, thereby, not only lays a solid foundation for further research concerned with DPBMs but also fosters a shared scientific understanding of this new phenomenon.



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