AIS Transactions on Replication Research


Disruptive innovation (DI) provides an explanation for firms' success and failure in the business economy. Building on Karimi and Walter (2015), whose study ascertains dynamic capabilities (DC) in responding to digital platforms and firm performance, this study extends their model by examining the effect of relational capabilities as DC in international and national executive search consultancies (CERS) based in Brazil. CERS have been fundamentally changing their traditional operating business models because of digital platforms. Thus, a survey questionnaire from 141 CERS executives measured the impact of DC on CERS performance and digital platforms. The findings highlight that DC is positively associated with digital platform capacity and CERS performance, as Karimi and Walter (2015) also highlighted. We believe that the findings impact practitioners because this study is original in the context of CERS and valuable for new business model formation, showing that DCs are relevant in any dynamic business scenario. Theoretically, this study enhances DC and DI theories, confirming that digital platform capabilities are a powerful strategic choice to reinvent core business functions and accelerate innovativeness.