AIS Transactions on Replication Research


This study is a conceptual replication of Chen, Zhang, Gong, Lee, and Wang’s (2020) study that examines factors influencing the intention to decrease problematic Information Systems (IS) use. In contrast with Chen et al.’s smartphone gaming context, we apply their theoretical model to the context of digital streaming services. Aligned with the original study, we tested the model using a scenario-based survey. Results are largely consistent with the original study, albeit with several exceptions. Our findings support that protection motivation theory (PMT) is useful in explaining decreasing problematic use in situations of threats. Threats are the negative consequences caused by problematic streaming service use. Users experience fear when they believe the negative consequences are likely to occur, and the consequential harm will be serious if they occur. When threatened, users are more motivated to decrease use if they believe decreasing use is effective in mitigating the threat and they have confidence in executing it. However, such motivation is not influenced by costs incurred by decreasing use. Further, we validate that invoking fear can break users’ viewing habits, which promotes their intention to decrease use. Yet, such an effect is limited. Future research might explore other factors that are effective in breaking users’ viewing habits.