AIS Transactions on Replication Research


One of the most significant factors to the survival of many service-based firms such as banks and insurance companies is customers’ continuous use of their IT services. The focus of this paper is on replicating IS Continuance Model (Bhattacherjee, 2001) in the mobile banking context. We collected data by surveying 256 college students who were users of mobile banking applications of multiple banks in the U.S. The hypotheses were also tested using Structural Equation Modeling technique (SEM), with AMOS version 23. All five hypotheses of the model were supported, with 67% explained variance for the “continuance intention,” as the dependent variable. Our findings show that the IS Continuance Model, which was originally tested by surveying the users of web-based banking services of one bank, is supported in a modern related context and is generalizable to the mobile banking applications users.